Kindly follow the instruction given below to connect the Actofit smartscale home scale with your mobile

1.To connect the Actofit Smartscale home scale you have to turn on your mobile bluetooth and location should be on and your mobile bluetooth and location should be on and your device should be not connected to any other device like wireless earphone and watches.

2.Open the Actofit health app.

3.Click on the setting which is located in right bottom of the application.

4.Click on the Scan device.

5.In device list page click on the Smartscale

6.Click on the select device

7.Click on the Smartscale home.

8.After selecting the smartscale home click on the Scan device button which is located in bottom of the app.

9.For connecting your machine please put some pressure on the machine with your single leg the smartscale home name will be reflected on your mobile and click on smartscale home and then you will be redirected to homepage of actofit health app.

10.For measuring the parameter you have to first click on the Measure Now button and then you have to stand on the machine (you have to stand barefoot on the machine) for 15 to 20 seconds.