1) Method to reduce weight error:

 a) This product must be placed on the hard and flat ground, such as ceramic tiles and the like, but it cannot be placed on a carpet and a soft item cannot be padded under the scale.

 b) Before each measurement, calibration is performed and the method is: You should tread (i.e., turn on) the scale’s LED (light-emitting diode), and leave the scale when the displayed number is unstable, and the LED will display several letters, i.e., "CAL", and return to "0". At this time, calibration is completed.

2) Method for decreasing errors of fat percentage and water percentage:


    a) This product obtains body fat percentage by using BIA (bio-impedance analysis) bioelectric measurement method; fat percentage obtained by using BIA measurement method is closely related to the following parameters: body impedance coefficient/height/weight/age/gender. Therefore, change in any of the parameters can cause a change of fat percentage.

                          (I)A surveyor is required to enter correct height/gender/age. Once these data are incorrect, accurate body fat percentage cannot b obtained.

                         (II) Bare feet are necessary(Socks should also be taken off)

                         (III) In order to ensure that the surveyor obtains the body impedance coefficient of the standard model, the surveyor is required to follow correct standing posture for measurement.                            

                         (IV) In order to obtain correct body impedance coefficient, at time of measurement, please put two feet to cover metal electrodes on left and right sides and keep still till end of the measurement. The entire measurement process will take about 20 seconds.


      b) We suggest performing measurement at the same time and under the same body condition every day. The body's daily weight varies with change in eating food and drinking water and the weight change value is 0.5~2KG. Body fat percentage = fat weight/body weight, therefore body fat percentage will fluctuate and normal body fat percentage fluctuation within one day is shown as the following figure. Before eating food and drinking water in the morning, body fat percentage reaches the highest peak in the day, as well as in the afternoon and evening, with weight gain and water percentage gain caused by eating food and drinking water, body fat percentage reaches the lowest value in the day.