01. Put the batteries in the Actofit SmartScale.

02. Install the "Actofit Smart Scale Enterprise " App on your mobile.

03. Login into the app.

04. Then open "Measure" Screen on your Actofit SmartScale app.

05. Now click on the "+" icon and make sure your Bluetooth is switched on.

06. Click on "Add New Device". Now the Bluetooth scanning will start, here you have to step on the scale so the scale display and Bluetooth signal will start.

07. Now click on the scale icon in the search screen,  Now the Actofit Smartscale will be shown on your connected device's screen.

08. Now you have successfully paired your app with smartscale.

09. Now you can take your body parameter measurements.

10. Follow the Actofit SmartScale Manual for a seamless integration process!