For this you have to install Actofit workout tracker app on your smartphone from play store. & install Actofit Smart watch App on Smart watch.

Kindly Follow following steps to create custom Guided Workout  

1. Open Actofit Workout Tracker app on Phone

2. Click on the Guided program.

3. Click on plus (+) button.

4. Enter Workout name, Description (optional), select goal, level.

5. Click on add day.

6. Select day (Workout day/Rest day)

7. Select the type of workout i.e. Rep based or Time based.

8. Select Muscle group, Exercise, No of. Set, Reps per Set, Load (kg), Rest Time etc. and click on Add Button.

9. Click on Save Workout after filling the details.

10. If you want to add more exercises in a particular day then click on the day.& click on Exercise Below option to add exercise below. Kindly click on save workout Button for saving changes.

11. Now program will automatically synced on Actofit Smart watch. Now Launch Actofit Smart watch Application on Smart watch. Click on Guided Program. Kindly apply the filter to view your custom guided program.

12. Click on start Workout & Enjoy your session.