USB Charging Batteries

Make sure your batteries need to be charged before using the scale. The batteries are to be charged via a type C connector should be attached in the battery slot.



Measuring your weight and calculating body composition is easy. You have to stand barefoot and keep hand held electrodes in the hand. Make sure your left and right thumb are in the good contact with aluminum electrodes. Stay on the smart scale until the stable weight value appears on the smart scale screen after three times flashing of the screen (You have to stand for approximately 15 sec)  Body composition can only be displayed if you have properly set up a user profile on your scale.


Scale Placement

Remember to place your scale on a hard level surface. Step on the scale with bare feet, evenly distributing your weight. Make sure that your bare feet are making good contact with all four metal conductors. Do not use any padding under the smartscale while measuring. Moisten your feet little while measuring.