As soon as you enter the Analytics section of the app, you can get a comparison of all the muscles that you’ve worked out on, which ones you’ve focused on more, the calories or the reps or the time spent on each muscle as compared to the others, what your average heart rate has been, or the total calories you’ve burned working out so far.

You can view this data over a period of weeks, months or a historic time phase of your choice. To evaluate how each muscle has been worked out on, you can view the same data broken down to the granularity of each muscle or each exercise. You can compare all the exercises done, against the same parameters, or view each exercise in granularity to see what’s working vs what’s not; compare the weights that you’ve lifted for that exercise over the period, or how your heart rate has varied across the sessions and how that’s affected performance, or what your exercise specific calorie burn is.

Make informed decisions with all the data that you didn’t have before. Actofit keeps and maintains logs with the versatility, innovation and comprehensiveness that has never been done before.

Watch this video to see how this works.