1) Make sure your band battery is charged

2) Wear the band on the wrist of the right/left hand

3) Make sure your band's position is same as it was at the time of the recording of the exercise

4) Go to the "Exercise" screen on your band, 

5) Click on the middle touch button and enter in to "Gym" Mode

6) The offline gym timer will start on the band screen.

7) Now you can carry on your exercises session

8) Once you are done with exercise session long press on middle button so your session will stop.

9) Click the middle button again to select the muscles that you have worked out during your session.

10) You can select multiple muscles by scrolling up/down

11) Once muscle selection is done go to your mobile app

12) Sync the band with mobile by clicking sync option on home screen

13) Go to log screen, you will find "1 Offline session available" written on home screen along with the sync icon

14) Once you click on that sync icon sync process will start band it will take around 20 min to sync for your 1 hour gym session