1. Please try pressing the button on the device. If the screen does not light up, you can connect

the device to the power adapter to make sure it is fully charged.

2. If the Actofit Care smart Watch is connected to another mobile phone, please turn it off or 

unpair the Bluetooth on the phone, then search and pair again with the current mobile phone.

3. For iPhone, try to ignore the device in the Bluetooth settings. Setting path: System

settings-Bluetooth-Tap the icon on the right Ignore this device.

4. If the device is in a low-battery state, it can't be searched even if you get the mobile

phone close to the device. Please try to turn on Bluetooth again on your phone.

5. For Android devices, if it doesn't search for the device, please check if the phone's location (GPS location service); if turned off, please go to the system settings interface to turn the GPS location on, and then search for the device again.

Note: If the problem can't be resolved through the above troubleshooting steps, it is recommended to restart your mobile phone.