Restricted by the Android system, the incoming call alert, notifications and GPS sports functions may not work normally when the current app is running in the background. It is required to enable the system permission of power consumption protection and autorun.

Power consumption protection setting For Android 6.0 has updated its mode of power management, when the user has no interaction with the current app, the system will determine whether the current app is non-active and judge whether to clean the current app to extend Battery life.

If you want to use the current app for a long time without being cleaned up, you should set up power consumption protection. 

Take OPPO. HUAWEI, SAMSUNG for example

1. (OPPO)-Settings-Battery-Power consumption protection-current app-Allow

running in background

2. (HUAWEI)-Settings-Battery-Clean application when locking screen-current app-

Not clean

3. (SAMSUNG)-Settings-General-Battery management-Unmonitored applications-Add

Current app