Here are some checkpoints you have to cover and confirm :

1. Check whether the Bluetooth & location is enabled on your phone i.e. Location and storage allowed.

2. Kindly check your Internet connection while creating/updating your profile. 

3. If the above points are checked then remove the batteries of the smart scale and reinsert them that will reset the smart scale. 

4. Do not try to pair it with Mobile Bluetooth settings. Always pair it with the Actofit Smart scale Application. 

5. While taking reading make sure that the smart scale is kept on the flat and hard surface. 

6. If you are trying to pair the smart scale with other mobile devices then remember to unpair the device. Kindly delete the smart scale device from other mobile devices. Remove the app from the background process (clear RAM). 

7. If you are putting your mobile device on Battery save mode then kindly turn it off while scanning the smart scale. And also make sure that background process activity should not be restricted. In the latest mobile phones, there is functionality to restrict the background process. That will affect the seamless connectivity of the smart scale. 

8. kindly recheck whether you have selected the correct device type while scanning. i.e check preferred device selection. 

9. Once you detach the batteries if logged out from the application and if you cleared the application cache in this case you need to pair/scan the smart scale again from app settings.