1. Kindly make sure that you have kept your Bluetooth service ON.

 2. Click on the scan Devices button to connect the smart scale to the mobile phone application 

3. Kindly step on the smart scale to enable the Bluetooth of smart-scale and click the scan Device button on the application. 4. Select the preferred Actofit device from the device selection list. Click on the scan now button. Click on device mac id e.g. Actofit Pro 2.0 Scale that appears on the scanning screen. Then click on Connect Button.

 5. Now select the user from the user's list. After selecting a user click on “Measure Now” to measure your Body compositions. 

6. If the smart scale is connected successfully to your app then it will show a small Bluetooth icon when you next time stands on it. 

7. You have to stand barefoot and keep handheld electrodes in your hand. Make sure your left and right thumb are in good contact with aluminum electrodes. Keep your arms straight in 45 degrees ~ 30 degrees.  Stay on the smart scale until the stable weight value appears on the smart scale screen after three times flashing of the screen (You have to stand for approximately 20 sec)

8. On the successful measurement, you will get all 24 body parameter values including segmental analysis in your app. 

9. The above procedure is to be done only for the first time. If you have done this procedure successfully then from next time on wards you just have to enable Bluetooth of your phone and stand on the Actofit Smart Scale Pro 2.0 to Measure your body parameter (Only follow point no 9 for every reading) Do not try to pair the scale from Mobile Bluetooth Settings. Follow the Actofit Smart Scale Manual for a seamless integration process!