To perform a manual reset on the Actofit tracker, you have to follow these steps:


1. Exit the Actofit app and remove it from the recent apps tray as well.

2. Connect your Actofit Tracker to the charger provided.

3. Press down on the B1, B2 and B3 buttons on the device simultaneously for 20 seconds.

4. Once 20 seconds are up, the device will vibrate and will show "Resetting" on the screen

 (It will take about 30-40 seconds to completely reboot the Band)

5. Once the reboot is complete, the device time will change to 01:17 PM and it will be renamed to 'ACTOFIT'. We recommend you immediately start your Actofit App at this point.

6. The app will auto sync with the band. Once the app is synced, the time on the band will match with that on your phone. And the reset will be completed.

7. If it doesn't sync, try pairing it from the Actofit App Settings screen.